We chose the darkest and most stormy day of the month to shoot Australian swimwear label, BAMBA Swimwear.

The kind of day where the WA winds blow a gale,  the clouds dark and heavy with rain... Certainly not the best conditions to shoot swimwear.

In search of some sun, Dust and Bone and natural beauty Cassidy shall headed up North to Lancelin. We packed the car full with BAMBA swimwear and brought along a disposable camera (of course). 

Unfortunately we didn’t find any warmth or sun, but what we did get was a full roll of beautiful film and raw film.

 Each photograph may not be perfect, but I think it perfectly captures the essence of what the Indisposable Concept is all about.

Being able to capture and savor memories that are untampered, pure and raw.

This roll captures a shoot of labels and creatives who embrace the true meaning of Indisposable beauty.

Full roll of film at Indisposable Concept


Words// Remy Bernhardt @remygbernhardt

Photography// Remy Bernhardt @remygbernhardt // Jess James @jessrubyjames // Taylor Schoch @taylorschoch

Produced by// Dust and Bone @dust_bone